Ibiza is well known for its parties, beaches and uninterrupted fun. An island full of nightclubs and beach parties that attract people from all over the world. If you are a party animal and especially love electronic music, you will definitely love this island where the party never ends.

Anyway, there are so many parties in Ibiza that you better choose the right ones in case you are planning to stay just a few days. That’s why we’ve done this list of the best parties in the white island, so that you enjoy the most of it and go back home with some unforgettable memories.

Mosaic by Maceo (Pacha)

This is the party that organizes MaceoPlex in Pacha Ibiza every Tuesday. If you are keen on underground house music this is the absolute must for you. From 24/05/16 to 04/10/16 Pacha Ibiza will host the best underground music DJs, all of them selected by the pioneer MaceoPlex, who will also be djing everyday. Besides MaceoPlex the line up includes many famous names such as DJ Koze, Gold Panda, John Talabot and Pantha du Prince.

The club itself is something you should definitely visit when partying in Ibiza. Pacha Ibiza is certainly the most authentic and charismatic club in the white island. Let yourself wander around its stairs, secret corridors and five different rooms.

Foam Party (Amnesia)

One of the classics in Ibiza is undoubtedly the foam party in the Amnesia club. In this party, music and foam come together to bring you one of the most fun parties in the white island. Listen to great music and dance all night while foam and water fall on you.

Another reason for attending this party is the club where it’s held. Amnesia is one of the best renowned night clubs in Ibiza. Since it opened in 1976 it has hosted many of the best parties in the island. It has also been rewarded many times as the Best Global Club in the IDMA Awards. No wonder why everyone wants to visit it.

Supermartxé (Privilege)

Supermartxé is quite a special party that started in 2007 in Madrid, then it became known worldwide in Ibiza and nowadays, after seven seasons in Privilege, it’s one of the best parties in the white island.

But what does this party offer that drives everyone crazy? Its well-polished and risky staging together with a line-up full of the best international DJs have turned this party into a reference in the world’s nightlife.

Woomoon (Cova Santa)

In the idyllic location of CovaSanta a new concept party has arrived this summer, it’s called Woomoon and everybody is talking about it. Combining day with night and art with the best electronic music this eclectic party seems to be this summer’s surprise.

Its resident DJs are Bedouin, Nicola Cruz, LUM, NU, Valentin Huedo, YokoO and Stavroz but there are many more invited DJs performing at this unique party. Ritual Ibiza, a group of artists, is in charge of the live art, performance, theatre and interactive experiences that set the icing on the cake.

As you see Ibiza will keep you entertained and dancing as long as you want. Now it’s your turn to make your party schedule and be sure you don’t miss the best parties in Ibiza.