Our Benji Europe Bike tours Andalusia- Karen

Our Benji Europe Bike tours Andalusia- Karen

The land of passion, flamenco and high spirits, shows itself at its best and is only waiting for us to be discovered!

Our first tour stage led us to Granada, where we enjoyed the fantastic view of the Alhambra castle in front of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. From Granada, we continued our ride to Antequera. From here the road meanders through rolling hills covered with olive and almond trees where you can watch black fighting bulls rubbing their backs lazily on rough cork oaks. Our next destination was the spectacular town of Ronda, situated on both sides of the deep, narrow Tajo Canyon. Your jaw will surely drop open in the impressive arena in Ronda: Here are the roots of the classic bullfights and even today bullfights take place there. Eventually, the last day of our tour came: a ride through the Sierras and along beautiful white beaches of the Mediterranean.


Even though the total route seems to be short at first sight, we had enough time the ride the most beautiful roads of Andalusia and experience Spain’s soul with all its facets.


Motorcycling in Andalusia with Benji Europe Bike tours has been a fulfilling experience for all my senses and interests. The region offers swirling wide roads with less to no traffic, as well as narrow ones amidst mountains and forests. Benji tours also offer a good balance between riding and learning and experiencing Andalusia’s Arab-influenced architecture, art and gastronomy. Benji Tours  top all the motorcycle tours I have been to already.