Visiting Podgorica and Renting a Car

Visiting Podgorica and Renting a Car

Tourists are increasingly attracted to Podgorica. In a single day, one can enjoy the delightful shores of the sea, the unblemished lakes, as well as the display of Podgorica from the slopes surrounding the area. Leasing a modest vehicle at Podgorica air terminal is the best way to accomplish this.

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Why Do you Need to Rent A Car at Podgorica Airport?

A beautiful site to explore, Podgorica boasts a blossoming metropolitan cityscape and mysterious verifiable spots. With its massive diversion and discotheque attractions, Podgorica maintains its status as a definitive getaway city. In spite of this, the majority of the space is significantly more serene. Excursions and attractions can be arranged through our vehicle rental services.

The Turkish Bath House is one of the best places to explore in the Capital. It is near the Ribnica River Gorge. The foundations have yet to be completely explored, but the exceptional bath house-building of the time may be witnessed. In addition, the region offers beautiful vistas and fantastic hikes along the river.

Podgorica, in addition to its lifestyle and suburban restaurants, offers several landmarks that will entice you to visit it. Our Podgorica car rental services are simple to order and will allow you to arrive in luxury and style. Our car rental services are available to ensure that you can explore every region of Podgorica so no part of your vacation is squandered.

Cheap Rent a Car at Podgorica Airport

Over 500k international passengers use Podgorica Airport every year. This futuristic terminal offers amenities like coffee shops, magazine stands, duty-free shops, and free Wi-Fi. You can get a rental car at the Podgorica airport by going to the arrivals area and looking for your specified company.

You can begin renting a car the moment you arrive with us. A supermini or sporty hatch for a city trip, an exquisite sedan for a work trip or honeymoon, or a family car are all available at the airport.

To ensure a pleasant travel experience, we provide top-of-the-line cars and accessories at Podgorica Airport. No matter what kind of experience you are seeking in Podgorica, our rental options can meet your needs. We have luxury cars, Crossovers, sedans, and commercial vehicles to carry as many passengers as you need. Our list of fully booked accessories includes GPS to keep you on schedule a backup driver, and kid seats to keep everybody on the highway safe.

Bonus Tips for Renting A car in Podgorica

Make sure you have the appropriate travelling paperwork with you while your visit to Podgorica. If you arrive by plane, our business can organize a car rental to be available for you at the airport. Users can rent a car having complete insurance with a premium if they wish to be worry-free while on vacation.

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What To See in Podgorica If you Rent a Car

Skadar Lake

There are many things to do in Podgorica, including Skadar Lake, a popular tourist attraction. In addition to the rich flora and fauna, crypto depressions, and habitats of rare endangered bird species, such as the curly pelican, it is unique to the region and beyond. Visitors can enjoy many pleasures and recreational opportunities there.

Visit island churches and monasteries, hike and bike trails, and boat cruises. As a result of its natural environment and ambience, Skadar Lake is known as the Montenegrin Venice. Skadar Lake has only one village, Vranjina, on its banks. Vranjina has a Visitor Center with relief depictions of all of Montenegro’s national parks, information about their natural and cultural heritage, and exhibits of animals. Lesendro, a 17th-century island and fortress, is near the Center.


The remains of ancient Dokleja, from the first decade of the first century AD, are located on a wide plateau 4 kilometers from Podgorica’s center. In the 4th century, churches and a large episcopal basilica were built in the area where Christians live on the east side of the city. The City Museum maintains a permanent exhibition of a number of valuable specimens from the found grave inventory, including pottery, glass vessels, jewellery, tools, weapons, and money. With the discovery of the famous Podgorica glass at the Russian Hermitage Museum, ancient Duklja was introduced to world archaeology.

In the late 19th century, archaeological excavations began and are still ongoing today.

The Bridge at Sastavci

The people of Podgorica especially love this favourite romantic place, and the younger generations also popularly call it Skaline. The old stone bridge at the mouth of the Ribnica in Morača, believed to date back to Roman times, is the oldest in Podgorica. According to available data, this bridge is one of the few remains of the former Roman city that was located in this area. The older inhabitants of Podgorica also call this bridge the Sastavci bridge, because the area around the mouth of the Ribnica in Morača was called Sastavci. The bridge is built of one arch and is only a few meters high. It is believed to be built of river stones and has always been a favourite meeting place for lovers, a gathering place for young and old, where they refresh themselves in a pleasant natural setting by the river in the hot summer months.

The sunset from the “Podgorica Bridge of Sighs” is something that will not be forgotten.