4 Travel Safety Tips You Probably Ignore (But Shouldn?t)


Being a prosperous business entrepreneur you will have the wonderful opportunity to visit several places in connection with your business dealings. Being a frequent traveler you would have enough experience in regard to matters connected with safety while on tour. Yet, you might ignore these safety tips despite being aware of their importance. For example, in order to ensure safety while travelling to the airport, the Pittsburgh airport transportation provides you the shuttle service. But that does not mean you can ignore travel safety during the rest of your travel time.

Do’s and don’ts:

Despite being a frequent traveler, since you are at a new location, you may not be fully aware of the threats and risks present in the area. Therefore, in the interests of your own safety you should take appropriate measures to protect yourself from these threats. In fact, some of the reputed hotels and resorts provide sufficient safety tips to the travelers visiting their places. Many of these safety tips consist of dos’ and don’ts in regard to specific places normally visited by the tourists.

Apart from this, there are a few general safety tips which every tourist should follow; despite the fact whether you are a frequent traveler or not. These safety tips are briefly explained here:

Choose suitable local tour operator: While you are in a new location you will be in need of a suitable car to tour within the city or to any of the nearby locations. Considering the limited time available at your disposal, you may find public transport not a feasible option. Therefore, you will have to look for a reputed local tour operator. The tour operator should provide you good quality car and also the services of an experienced local driver. The driver should have thorough knowledge of the routes and be capable of effectively interacting with you.

Keep a copy of all your essential documents: You should keep a photocopy or a scanned copy of all the essential documents like the passport, visa and essential business records and so on. You can keep a copy of these vital documents at your place either in the office or at home or both these places. You can also keep a copy in your laptop in pdf format. In fact, you can also keep a copy of the essential documents in your smartphone.

Keep your family members in knowledge of your itinerary: This helps your family members to get in touch with you during emergency. Of course, they can call you over the phone, yet with an itinerary in hand, they can choose to call you depending on the nature of emergency.

Escape route: The importance of an escape route during emergency does not require much explanation. As you walk along the corridors of the hotel, you may look for the board ‘emergency exit’.

Other safety tips:

Apart from these, it is also suggested that you should not wear expensive jewelry or watch or such accessories. Further, do not carry all your cash in your wallet. Distribute the cash between your purse, trouser, over coat and so on.


While you are on a tour, you should give due importance to your personal safety and also to your health. It is only then you will enjoy your tour.