5 Simple Rules For Being A Good Traveler


Travel is not limited to going around the places and enjoying some of the traditional food. Travelling carries with it a lesson and the lesson being; be a good traveler so that you understand much more about the world around you. Hire a Richmond limo service and start travelling with an open mind and with that travel will make you a better person.

Enrich your knowledge:

You should understand that as you are trying to explore the place you have visited, the people also try to explore you. They are equally interested in knowing about you, your culture, your habits and what not. Therefore, it is popularly said that travelling is a two way traffic street. Now, if you are able to effectively interact with the local population, then naturally you would learn much more about the place and thereby you are enriching your knowledge.

Golden rules for travelling:

You may travel for your business or for sightseeing with your family; there will always be two classes of travelers’ namely good and bad travelers. A good traveler knows how to conduct himself while travelling and understands the golden rules of travelling and scrupulously follows those rules. These golden rules of travelling are briefly discussed here:

Courtesy and respect: The place you have visited may follow different cultures and practices. But, you have an obligation to respect that culture. Here again, another golden rule crops up namely ‘give respect and take respect’. If you respect the other culture then other people will also respect you and your culture.

Dress: The dress you wear should be appropriate to the place you have visited. The place you have visited may have some dress code. But, when you are asked to follow the dress code never enter into an argument. As a good traveler you should always try to come out of the shell and follow what the local population expects. By doing so, you actually win the hearts of the local population.

Drinks: While on travel you normally tend to enjoy drinks and local recipes. But, you should ensure that you drink responsibly. If you cross the limit, then you may put yourself in an awkward position. In such a situation, you may even lose the etiquette of social gathering.  Therefore, however tempting the environment is, you should ensure that you stay within the safe limits of drinking.

Patience: While travelling sometimes you may face certain inconvenient situations. For example, you may have to wait for longer duration in the immigration office. Have patience and it always pays. By buying patience, you also win the hearts of the people around you.

Keenness to learn: As you travel you will come across several people with varying habits and practices. Be alert and keenly observe people around you. At the same time effectively interact with the people. With that you will be able to learn about the place, people, their culture and so on.


Travel gives you wonderful opportunities to learn. You should make all efforts to make the best use of those opportunities. After all, there is no limit to learning.