An Affordable Way To See Australia


The wonders of this huge country await anyone who is prepared to endure the travelling, which is perhaps why campervans are so popular in a country with so much to offer the tourist. Of course, you would need the best part of a year to see everything, and if you only have a few weeks, selecting a region and route is the best solution. The campervan industry in Australia is up there with the USA, and there are reputable companies that hire out motorhomes and campervans to tourists from all parts of the world.

Local Tradition

Self-driving holidays are popular with the locals and there are many benefits to this type of holiday, and because so many Australians like to just up and go, there are many campsites to choose from, wherever you choose to go. Campervan hire in Australia is a competitive business and there are several established companies that have a range of quality vehicles at affordable prices.

Finding the Right Campervan

If you and your family want the ultimate in mobile accommodation, you should hire a motorhome that can comfortably sleep six, and with all the mod cons at your fingertips, the holiday will be a unique experience for the whole family. The best way to source reliable campervan hire in Australia is an online search, and you will probably find the ideal solution that will be waiting for you when you land at the airport.

No Accommodation Costs

While a campervan does cost a little more than hiring a regular car, you have no accommodation costs, and this is perhaps the most attractive benefit of a self-driving holiday, along with the freedom and flexibility it gives. The money you save can be used to dine lavishly in some of the best restaurants, or perhaps you could extend the holiday for an extra week, and either way, the extra money will be more than welcome.

Coastal Routes

The Gold Coast offers spectacular beaches and waves that would test the best surfers, and with a diverse range of cuisines in ambient coastal restaurants, you have the perfect beach holiday setting. The beaches in the Northern Territories are picture perfect, with clear blue seas and golden white sands, and this stretch of ocean is the home to the Great Barrier Reef, one of nature’s most amazing creations.

Western Australia

Perth is the ideal place to begin your self-driving holiday, and you simply must tour the wine regions of Swan Valley and Margaret River, where some of Australia’s finest wines are produced. Tourism plays a major role in the local economy, and with so much to see and do, it isn’t surprising that millions of tourists visit every year. Perth has many interesting venues to see, so stay a day or two and sample the local markets and some excellent shopping in the CBD.

Many families take a self-driving holiday and are hooked, and if it is something you really enjoy, you can come back year after year, and you will never be able to say you’ve seen it all.