The Different Climates for Golf


If you are planning a golfing trip, several different options and courses are available for you to experience. In fact, golf is a popular game around the world partially because you can golf almost anywhere in the world.

Nearly every country in the world has a climate conducive to golfing. Therefore, golf courses are built all over the world. Golf is such an adaptable game due to the history of golf and the complex designs of golf courses.

The History of Golf

Nobody knows exactly when golf was created, but the activity was likely adapted from a late Roman game that involved hitting a small leather ball with sticks. Furthermore, the game was likely brought to Britain by the Celtic island dwellers sometime in the 5th century. Alternately, the sport was brought to the Britons by the Norman Invaders in the 11th century. Whatever the case, the game has evolved into an easily recognisable sport that is played today on the island of Great Britain.

Thus, the first golf courses were suited to the British climate. Modern courses or links courses are built with undulating landscapes and roughly kempt grass. They are usually built along the coast of a lake or ocean, and they feature many natural hazards. Links courses embody golf’s complex history as well as original aspects of the game. They are a great choice for anyone who wants to return to golf’s roots.

To find a great links course, you merely need to find a country that has large bodies of water, and links courses are probably nearby. However, if you are more interested in a challenge, you should look for a course from a celebrated golf course architect.

There are several options for weekend golf getaways. The choice depends on the climate you want.

Different Climates

When you are researching courses, you can find quality links courses in a temperate climate. However, if you are looking for something more challenging or conducive to many different types of hazards, you should choose a tropical climate. Somewhere such as the more tropical parts of Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America are great places to find courses in tropical climates.

The tropical climate is great, because they tend to have a high water table and very humid climates. The high water table is important because it makes it creating a water hazard much easier. Rather than having to ship in water and try to create a pond with a pump, architects can simply dig a pond and allow it to fill itself. Furthermore, a colder climate may seem unconducive to a golf course, but cold areas do provide golfing areas.

Colder climates have robust grass that actually changes certain aspect of the game. The cold-hardy grass of harsher climates changes the way the golf ball bounces or rolls, which can drastically alter the way the game is played. There are many different options you have for a holiday. Therefore, you should consider each of them.