Good Advice for People who wish to Camp and Hike

Good Advice for People who wish to Camp and Hike

The best advice you can get for camping and hiking in Australia, will involve taking along the right kind of equipment and food, having appropriate clothing, and being able to stay somewhere safe.If you’re contemplating it yourself, you will need to carefully plan ahead before venturing out.

Things that should also be considered are,the area in which you are going to camp or hike, and what will the weather be like, plus how long are you going away for. If you plan ahead carefully and take along the appropriate gear, you will be more than likelyhave a successful and satisfying journey. This will not apply to those who venture out spontaneously without considering any of the above.

Hiring a Campervan

Camping trips will require different equipment which will depend on whether or not you are camping in a tent or treating yourself to camping inside an RV, AKA a recreational vehicle. These are wonderful and have become so popular that nowadays you see so many of them being driven around Australian roads year round. If you’re camping in an RV, a tent won’t be necessary and regular blankets can typically be used in place of sleeping bags. There is now excellent,cheap campervan hire in Melbourne at affordable prices and with the reliability to match.

Whether or not you will be camping out in a tent or an RV, you will need food and some way to cook it. Tent camping means cooking outdoors, so a portable grill or cook stove will suffice, whereas RV’s are already equipped with miniature kitchens and ready to go. Some people, though, still like to use portable grills outdoors when they camp in RVs.


Having the proper clothing is important with both camping and hiking. How you dress and the clothes you take along with you when camping should depend mostly on comfort and the clime. Naturally, if you’re camping and hiking you’re going to be exposed to the elements, which means that dress clothes should definitely should be left at home. Try to take strong, light synthetic items or even older ones that you don’t mind getting dirty. The synthetic items are designed to remove sweat away from the body without absorbing it, whilst cotton will just stay wet and heavy.

You should also wear a decent pair of hiking boots, or shoes that won’t make your feet play up. If they’re new, try wearing them sometimes a couple of weeks before you set out. Safety is of the essence for people to consider before going camping and hiking. Both of these outdoor activities may present the threat of exposure to wildlife, weather emergencies relating to sudden changes in temperature, and the possibility of getting lost.


If you’re going camping or hiking try to do some research on just what to do if anything occurs out of the blue. Also, a favourite with many people and with many uses is a Swiss army knife, which has so many helpful devices in such a small space. May your trip be memorable!