Leave Your Pet to Travel


When it comes to traveling, it can be everything you wanted and more. Travel seems to unlock your potential for the appreciation of natural beauty and human civilization and culture. Travel is a subject about which a great many of us are deeply passionate. It’s for this reason that we may find ourselves truly torn when there is an obstacle between us and travel. One such example of this is owning a pet. Owning a pet is more or less the same as having children. Furry children that can’t speak your language, but a little one you love with all your heart nonetheless. So, when you want to travel, and you own a pet, you have to face a major dilemma.

Do you leave your pet at home with a sitter, or do you take them with you, leaving them in isolation during the flight and without the guarantee that they can spend the entire trip with you? In case you can’t tell, the obvious answer is to leave them behind. You’re going to miss them, and they will certainly miss you, but it’s for the best, and giving up on seeing the world isn’t fair to you.

If you’re worried about your pet, don’t be. Caring for well trained pets is relatively easy, as long as you’re properly motivated by cold, hard cash. A sitter would be sufficient to care for you pet while you’re away with little to no cause for alarm. If something does happen, you’ll have told your sitter how to handle that situation, and you just have to recognize that everything will be fine. If you’re simply feeling guilty, don’t. Your pet loves you, but if you’re away for awhile, they won’t remain sad for long. It’s more of a knee jerk reaction, and they’ll be fine in short order, as long as they have plenty of exercise and stimulation, and maybe some company. It also couldn’t hurt to reward them for being brave with a new toy from PetSmart when you return.